Speaker Alert | Karl Hartley

I'm a Gisborne-born nerd and unlike everyone else on the East Coast, I can't surf, or sing, and I'm not a big fan of the sun.

Karl is however, great with technology and has been using it to deliver digital learning for the last 15 years.   

Karl escaped the corporate grind with his business partner two years ago to start Epic Learning. They are a small business that is entirely virtual with six employees all around New Zealand and one in Mexico.

It’s important to them that their work environment is flexible. They're very proud to have three ‘stay at home’ mum's working with them. They've managed to structure the business so they can work part-time hours around their busy home lives.

Karl is passionate about Dungeons & Dragons, cats and online gaming. He's been following eSports for the last ten years and continues to use innovations pioneered in this industry to inspire him to deliver new learning experiences.

Karl is a speaker in our first Salon event for 2019 - Expand your knowledge