Exciting changes on Horizon for TEDxRuakura

Press Release

TEDxRuakura are proud to announce a change in pace for their 2019 schedule of events. Since its beginning, TEDxRuakura has held one main event each year where Hamiltonians can come listen to 10-12 speakers in a day jam-packed with TEDx talks and share ideas with like-minded people. 

2019 brings a change to that, however, with the main event being postponed until 2020. This is due to the major success of the 2018 event and wanting to ensure the next is even better. In place of the main event, TEDxRuakura will be holding four salon events.

Salon events are a chance for Hamilton locals to get a more intimate experience of the interesting people the Waikato has to offer. With fewer speakers and an interview style, it gives people the opportunity to get in-depth insight into the stories and ideas on offer from our speakers.

The aim is to shake up these salon events, so feedback you have from previous events and speakers is more than welcome.

Keep an eye out on the TEDx Ruakura social media platforms soon for more info.


For more information and interview requests,

Please contact: Todd Harper,

Communications Manager | TEDxRuakura